Lead Intentionally, Lead in a Way that is Defined by You

Guiding You to Becoming
an Impactful & Intentional Leader

A Leadership Ideology is a powerful guiding force that impactful leaders and change catalysts use to form their perspective and generate the decisions they make every single day. It is this statement that serves as the cornerstone to the Legacy that fuels their motivation as a Leader.

In Aligning Your Ideology, build your own your personal Leadership Ideology. At the end of seven weeks, you will leave guided by your own Ideology that is so strong that the impact and influence you ultimately desire is inevitable.
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The Course is For...

New Leaders

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Established Leaders

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately set up their business and start offering their services around the globe.

Encouragers & Connectors

People who lead without position are also in need of the same great insight. Informal leaders can have an incredible impact on coworkers, peers and mentees; especially if they are guided by a powerful Ideology.

Together we will explore...

  • The Limitations of Political Correctness
  • What's Really Behind Your Defensiveness
  • Exposing Your Greatest Strengths
  • Overcoming the Barriers of Perfectionism
  • Using Less to Increase Your Momentum 
  • Advocating for Your Team
Lesson series

Developing Your Internal Reflection Skillset

(the promise) By taking Aligning Your Ideology, you will gain clarity and insight into your own personal leadership voice. This will allow you to make every interaction, decision and action aligned with who you are as a leader.

(the hook) Set aside what you've learned about leadership from the workplaces in your past for just a moment. We dive deep into who you are as a person so you can become the leader you are meant to be and you are no longer limited by the examples of leadership you've encountered in the past.

We do this by developing your Internal Reflection skillset. It is this skill set that allows you to tap into your greatest strengths that are only accessible when you embrace your inner nature.
10 Years of Transformation

Helping Leaders to Dive Deep to Gain Clarity

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Introduce yourself + your credentials and how you've been teaching this curriculum for 10 years + how it helps people)

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Taking online classes has been a major benefit to me. The instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails.

Helen Red

I would like to thank my instructors for their continuous support. The courses were challenging and well laid out.

Josh Stobbard

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Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes.

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Lesson series

Aligning Your Ideology

Lead Intentionally, Lead in a Way that is Defined by You.

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A letter from Samm Smeltzer, your facilitator.

Samm Smeltzer

Samm has playfully been referred to as the “Unicorn”, this comes from her eternal optimism for the possibilities of what the workplace could be. As an HR Visionary, Samm has spent the last decade passionately pursuing the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations. This path has primarily led her to studies in Spirituality and Eastern Medicine, and now as a certified Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm brings holistic wellness into workplaces to heal disengagement. Professional purpose, passion and energetic health are all essential elements to building a healthy workplace culture. 

Samm’s experience combined with her desire to create workplaces with thriving employees resulted in the creation of the HRart Center, as well as the completion of her latest book Workplace Healers.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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