Practitioner Certification in Medical Qigong (MQP)

P1: Introduction to
Medical Qigong Therapy

Friday, June 3, 2022 - Monday, June, 6, 2022
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This first course is designed to introduce the student to Medical Qigong exercises to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit.

Medical Qigong exercises will be taught that help the body correct the physical and energetic imbalances. This strengthens and regulates internal organs, nervous system and immune system, relieves pain, regulates hormones, and strengthens and releases deep-seated emotions and stress.

The course will introduce the student to the basic theories of energy tonification, purgation, and regulation of the body’s organs and energy channels, as well as strengthening the body’s protective energy field (Wei Qi). 

Class Schedule

June 3
10 AM to 5 PM EST
June 4
9 AM to 5 PM EST
June 5
9 AM to 5 PM EST
June 6
9 AM to 4 PM EST

Location & Parking

The HRart Center is located at 1018 N George St. in York, PA. Street parking is typically easy and free, though we do have access to the parking lot across the street as well at St. Peter's Lutheran Church (947 N. George St).

What to Bring

Please feel free to bring any of your favorite snacks or drinks along with you to your session. We always have coffee, tea and water available.

It's recommended you wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. You might also want to consider dressing in layers, since your body temperature will vary depending on the posture or pose. 

Local Places for Lunch

For lunch we are limited on options within walking distance but are centrally located to several places that are within a few minutes drive. We recommend:

District Thai
Caribbean Choice Jamaican Jerk Restaurant
Revival Social Club
Prince Street Cafe
Molly's Courtyard Cafe
Hamir's Indian Fusion
Leg Up Farmers Market

Course Lessons

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Order Your Textbooks

Johnson, Jerry A.
The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine 
Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (2018 Edition)
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