The Intuitive Leader Pathway

An Intuitive operates in the realm of things often not seen or recognized, due to a lack of sensitivity to the surroundings. This skill set is not magical and is one that everyone possesses. Unfortunately it is often underdeveloped or subconsciously blocked. An Intuitive Leader utilizes these skills to craft organizational strategies centered on people.

This pathway is designed to begin awakening a voice that may have been silenced by workplace cultural norms. It is meant to connect you once again with that gut feeling you could never justify. It is also meant to show you what’s possible if you let go of the need for logic, and trust in your intuitive knowing.

The Essential Human Element

Two aspects have been lacking in the corporate world,
the human element and the recognition of HR responsibilities for Leaders.

To heal our workplaces three things must occur:

Our Curriculum

Leadership Ideology creates a platform for your leaders to stand on together.

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Leadership Ideology was designed to be a platform for leaders to teach each other. Where new leaders have the opportunity to learn from those more experienced and tenured leaders are given the gift of possible fresh perspective with a sense of renewed vigor. Leadership Ideology uses a guide to facilitate a cohort through a three-part series, where leaders are exposed to the most essential leadership skill sets. Leaders are challenged to bring these skills to life, going beyond theory and to direct application.

The series concludes with each Leader articulating their personal Leadership Ideology that will serve as a guide to their legacy. It will also serve as their clearly defined commitment to their team, organization and more importantly themselves of how they will choose to intentionally lead.
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Leadership Legacies is our five-year continuing growth curriculum for Leadership Ideology Alumni.

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This curriculum consists of 10 Step Stones, that cultivate a community that is devoted to solidifying, sustaining and shaping alumni as they continue to evolve and lead intentionally. 

Together we will solidify and strengthen your Ideology statement and clarity behind why you choose to lead. We will sustain each other by creating a supportive community filled with like-minded individuals inspired to make workplaces where people thrive. We will give tangible shape to your Ideology, learning exactly how it should manifest into action. 
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What Our Alumni Say

This course became more than surface level! It broke down leadership into multi-level tiers of goals. I feel more patient--my heart grew twelve times from this class!
Leadership Ideology Graduate
This was an awesome adventure. Had a blast while learning some really interesting management techniques.
Leadership Ideology Graduate
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