Qi Crew

Qi Crew is our online cultivation community that supports your Qigong practice. This community was made for people looking to heal and grow by caring for their energy and is perfect for all levels, whether you are just learning about Qi or you've been cultivating for years.

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When Samm found Qigong, the ancient modality that finally empowered her to begin healing and growing energetically, she realized that healing and growth are magnified every time she came together and cultivated with others. So, let's cultivate together.
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Qi Crew was created to empower you
to live a present life in harmony. 


Small acts of cultivation consistently over time result in powerful outcomes. Together we will work towards a habit of cultivation and energy self-care. Coming together every month to  cultivate and check-in. 


In order to find the balance we all desire, we need to embrace the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Together we will support each other as we learn to flow with rather than against.
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Community creates a collective energy that can be a magnified healing source that benefits us all when we practice together. Even if we can't physically be together, our collective monthly intention sends intense healing ripples to all our members.


Cultivation as a daily practice can feel impossible in our already busy lives. Together we will explore creating a practice that serves us and our lifestyle.
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Every month attend both a Coaching Class and a Cultivation Class with Samm, download a monthly PDF resource guide and planner, plus access all your exercises and practices for the month in our online learning hub.
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Attend LIVE Classes Every Month

Coaching Class

The First Friday of each month at 1 PM EST is our Live Coaching Class focused on a topic that links Classic Oriental Medicine to balanced living.

Cultivation Class

On the Final Friday of each month at 1PM EST, Samm will lead you through the cultivation practices that support our theme. Then transition into a check-in, providing a space to share your experiences for the month.  

Can't Make it?

The replays will be available to watch afterward and come back to on your own time.

Download Your Monthly Resource Guide with Planner

This guide is designed as your ultimate resource for the month, including content from that month’s workshop, and a calendar with recommended daily practices and event dates for the month.

Your workbook is accessible on the first day of the month (or as soon as you register).

Your Cultivation

Accessible immediately after you subscribe with unlimited access while you're a member. 
We offer some scholarships every year—first come, first serve. 
To apply for a full scholarship, please email steph@hrartcenter.com.

Monthly Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time commitment?

How much time you commit to your personal practice is completely up to you, but here are a few helpful details. The Monthly Cultivation Classes are 75-90 minutes in length. In addition, you will be encouraged to practice at least 2-3 times a week. Our hope is with the variety of methods we share, you can identify a cultivation practice that fits your needs and lifestyle, meaning your practice could be 10-60 minutes in duration.

How do I access the materials?

Once you register, your Intuitive HRart Institute (IHI) Account will add the Qi Crew lessons to your course library. On the course page you will find all your materials for this year's membership as they are released.

How often do I receive new practices?

New practices will be available every month.

What if I need to cancel my monthly subscription?

Your Qi Crew membership is set up on a year-long commitment. Your membership will automatically renew each month. If you want to cancel your upcoming monthly renewal, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your monthly billing date. 
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